Connecting Honesty


Glenda has more than 25 years of experience in for-profit, non-profit, and one-on-one contexts - as a coach, manager, communication trainer, and organizational leader.

She brings a unique combination of the listening capacity of a coach, with the change-creation skill and experience of a leader.

Training participants typically comment on the clarity of Glenda’s presentation, her warmth, and the practical support they receive to communicate in challenging situations - in ways that really work to create connection and produce meaningful results.

Individual and mediation clients consistently report that after talking to Glenda, they feel lighter, happier and more clear about what they want to do. And that things start to change in the ways they’ve been wanting, sometimes in surprising ways that they could not have predicted.

Glenda is delighted that she has developed the skills to do what has been most important to her since her teens: help people enjoy their professional and personal lives more fully.

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Our Leader - Glenda Mattinson

Master of Applied Science,
      Organizational Psychology

      University of Waterloo


Project Manager (15 years)

      IBM & other Fortune 100 Companies

      Toronto, Canada

Life Coach (1992-present; Certified in 2000)

      The Coaches Training Institute

      Sebastopol, CA, USA

Certified Communication Trainer (2006-present)

      Center for Nonviolent Communication

      Albuquerque, NM, USA