Connecting Honesty


Feedback from Clients

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  1. I feel so much relief and hope from having worked through my situation with these tools. I’m amazed to have some next steps I can take - and that they feel both easily doable and like they will really make a difference. I couldn’t have gotten here without this support. Thank you!

  2. - GB, Toronto

  1. Thank you for the support you offered my family. I’m used to getting to that place of peaceful connection after we’ve been on a special outing together. But I’d never before experienced it when we started in a place of conflict. Amazing!

  2. - MP, Toronto

  1. Glenda, you teach aspects of NVC that I haven’t experienced anywhere else. I want to call what you do Practical Empathy or Practical NVC because it is about how to use this in the real world.

  2. And you make it so clear.

  3. - ML, Maui Hawaii

  1. I started working with you when I was having trouble getting over the behavior of my ex-boyfriend. Now I’m in a loving relationship that’s better than I could have imagined. And we’re engaged!
    Thank you so much for all your support. I don’t think I’d be in this place without it.

  2. - MP, Michigan

  1. Thank you for the help you provided me in dealing with weekends and homework with my teenager. It was astounding to me the difference in the reaction I got when I started the conversation in the way you suggested. It was like talking to a different person!

  2. - LR, Toronto

  1. Want to share your story? Send it to us

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