Connecting Honesty


Involved in a frustrating or confusing situation at work or at home?

Want to make things better, but worried about making them worse?

We work with people who are not fully satisfied with some relationship in their personal or professional lives: bosses,
co-workers, customers, spouses / partners, ex-spouses, children, parents, friends, and/or themselves.

We help people get really clear about what is important to them and know how to communicate about it in ways that help others want to support them. So they can get what they want and feel good about how they’ve gotten it.

Choose from a variety of formats: group workshops, individual sessions, and mediation / supported dialogue.

People are consistently amazed at

  1. the clarity they get about the situation,

  2. the relief they feel at knowing what they want to do next,

  3. their confidence that they will execute these steps, and

  4. their effectiveness in creating what they want.

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