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Effective Dialogue - Group Workshop

This 2-day workshop covers both Levels 2 & 3:

  1. Preparing for Effective Dialogue:
    The 5 key elements to “pack”

  2. Effective Dialogue “Roadmap”:
    The 5 key signs to watch for - and what to do when you encounter each one

Are you tired of arguments that seem to go around in circles (or on for years) and never get resolved?

Do you sometimes feel stumped about what to say or how to respond?

Do you get frustrated that people don’t seem to understand and value what is important to you?

Or that they don’t always follow through on their agreements with you?

Do you ever find yourself agreeing to things that you don’t want to do?

Would you like to know how to prepare confidently for any conversation:

  1. To increase your chances of being really heard and understood?

  2. To dramatically decrease your chances of being blind-sided by something the other person says?

  3. To sound clear and confident when you need time to think or find words for what you’re feeling?

  4. To be ready to deal with whatever happens - in you or in the other person?

During any conversation, would you like to:

  1. Know how to efficiently guide it toward a successful conclusion?

  2. Know how to respond to ideas that you don’t like - in ways that maintain connection with the other person while creating space for what you want?

  3. Be confident that other people will follow through on agreements they make with you?

  4. Resolve problems so they stay resolved?

In this workshop you’ll learn these skills for preparing for effective dialogue:

  1. How to open a potentially difficult conversation to get things off on the right foot

  2. How to prepare what you want to say to make it easy for people to get “on-side” with you
    (Note: This goes way beyond traditional NVC!)

  3. Three quick and simple things you can prepare once - then reuse in any conversation to prevent blow-ups or the other person shutting down

  4. Two key questions to ask yourself ahead of time to avoid being blind-sided or tongue-tied by what the other person says

  5. The “secret ingredient for success” that almost no one knows about or uses, but can save enormous amounts of time and energy.

You’ll also learn these skills for guiding any conversation to a mutually satisfying result:

  1. How to use what you’ve prepared to get other people to hear and value what is important to you (and what not to do)

  2. Four ways of responding to what other people say - and when to use each one - including
    two simple ways to respond to difficult people - to get them off your back and on your side

  3. How to recognize the five key “roadsigns” in any conversation - and what to do when you see them

  4. When and how to talk about possible solutions - to come up with something that really will work

  5. The key to a successful outcome that most people miss

  6. How to put all these pieces together into a unique roadmap that will get each conversation to its desired objective - whatever the other person says.

But it’s not just about theory!

  1. Bring a real-life situation to work with

  2. Develop your 5 “preparation” elements for that conversation

  3. Watch and/or participate in the development of a sample written “roadmap” for a real-life situation. See how the principles apply. Get a living sense of how an effective dialogue unfolds.
    Enhance your ability to recognize the “roadsigns” when they appear, and how to handle each one.

You will also leave with:

  1. Detailed handouts - all the information you need to apply these tools to any future situation

  2. Your own versions of the 5 elements you might prepare for any conversation

  3. A sample written conversation following the Effective Dialogue Roadmap
    - an invaluable tool for understanding how to use these skills in action & a great reference guide

Pre-requisites: To ensure that everyone gets the most out of the workshop, participants need to have
                        completed at least one of the following:

  1. 1.Attended an NVC Introductory session at which the 4 elements of NVC were presented (observation, feelings, needs, request) & the two sides (honest expression & empathic reflection)

  2. 2.Or Have read at least the first 8 chapters of Marshall Rosenberg’s “Nonviolent Communication”

  3. 3.Or Completion of an online course I am developing to teach the basics of NVC. It will take you approximately 1/2 hour to complete over 6 days. You’ll be serving as a beta-tester... :-)


  1. $349  (+ HST = $394)

  2. Money-back guarantee: If, at the end of the training, you are not satisfied with what you learned, just let us know and we’ll refund your fee.

Additional Options (to provide all the benefits available in the one-on-one option):

  1. Personalized feedback on all of your 5 elements, plus sample alternatives customized to your situation - provided in writing and by phone: $39  (+ HST = $44)

  2. Private “roadmap” session to co-create a written “map” for your situation: $67 (+ HST = $76)
    Previous participants have told us that the experience of putting this together was enormously helpful in preparing for the actual conversation, even though things unfolded very differently.

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