Connecting Honesty


        The 5 key things to do ahead of time - for ease and success in dialogue

Do you ever feel tongue-tied and stumped about what to say in the middle of a difficult conversation?

Are you frustrated that people don’t seem to understand and value what is important to you?

Can you recognize when a conversation is going off the rails, but don’t know what to do about it?

Would you like to know how to prepare for a conversation

  1. To increase your chances of being really heard and understood?

  2. To dramatically decrease your chances of being blind-sided by something the other person says?

  3. To sound clear and confident when you need time to think or find words for what you’re feeling?

  4. To be prepared to deal with whatever happens - in you or in the other person?

In this session you’ll learn:

  1. How to open a potentially difficult conversation to get things off on the right foot

  2. How to prepare what you want to say to make it easy for people to get “on-side” with you
    (Note: This goes way beyond traditional NVC!)

  3. Three quick and simple things you can prepare once - then reuse in any conversation to prevent blow-ups or the other person shutting down

  4. Two key questions to ask yourself ahead of time to avoid being blind-sided or tongue-tied by what the other person says

  5. The “secret ingredient for success” that almost no one knows about or uses, but can save enormous amounts of time and energy.

But it’s not just about theory!

  1. Bring a real-life situation to work with

  2. Do your real preparation for that conversation

  3. Get feedback and coaching to refine what you want to say - to dramatically increase your chances of a successful outcome and a strengthened relationship with the other person, while still sounding like you!

You will also receive:

  1. Detailed handouts - all the information you need to apply these principles to any future dialogue

  2. Your own examples - including two elements that you can use in any conversation

  3. If you wish, alternative examples that I develop specifically for your situation, so you have two alternatives for now, and two examples for future reference.

Scheduling Options:

  1. It works best to split this workshop into three parts:

  2. 1 hour together to go over the 5 questions, and the hints and tips for preparing each piece

  3. 1-2 hours for you to work on your own to develop your first “draft” of each of the 5 elements

  4. 1 hour or so together for us to talk about your versions,

  5. To appreciate the skill and insight you’ve demonstrated,

  6. Offer any additional hints and tips I sense might be helpful, and,

  7. If you wish, offer alternative versions, customized to your specific situation.

  8. So, before you go to the registration form, you might think about when you’d have time to do the work on your own, and book that in your calendar, then look for a time shortly before that for us to have our first hour together.


  1. $199  (+ HST = $225)

  2. Money-back guarantee: If, at the end of the training, you are not satisfied with what you learned, just let us know and we’ll refund your fee.

Register for a time that works for you

Master Level Two - Preparing for Effective Dialogue

Learn the 5 key things that can be really helpful to “pack” before going into any conversation - especially a potentially challenging one.

And get support to develop your own - including two you can reuse in any conversation.

As one client said as soon as she saw the list, “Wow! Things would have gone much more smoothly if I’d asked these 5 questions first!”

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