Connecting Honesty


                Practice Groups

     For practice, connection and community

These groups will be led by Certified NVC Trainer Glenda Mattinson (CNVC-Certified Trainer):

  1. Three Tuesdays a month:  8-9:30 pm

  2.     If you wish to attend, please register

Practice, Learning, and Growth

NVC is a skill - like riding a bicycle. Just as most of us didn’t learn to ride a bike in a single session, most of us won’t master NVC through training alone. It takes ongoing practice.

Practice group sessions are designed to give you a safe, supportive, and encouraging space to try out and get comfortable with NVC skills.

At these sessions, Glenda also offers coaching and support as requested, to expand on and deepen your understanding and skill,
as you are ready to take each next step in mastery.

A Chance to be Heard - and to hear others

It can be really helpful to vent or talk everyday challenges through
with someone who will just listen - without judgement, storytelling, or giving you unwanted advice. 

This is one of the skills we work on during practice sessions.

The neat thing is, it is as fun & satisfying to give this kind of support
as it is to receive it! 

If you haven’t had much experience listening to others in this way, or it hasn’t felt comfortable, don’t be concerned - we’ll take things slowly
step by step.

A Chance to Remember

In the lives of many of us, there aren’t a lot of role models or reminders of the NVC way of seeing, hearing, and understanding.

In everything from personal interactions to news and entertainment, we’re much more likely to be reminded of the “old” way - where people are right or wrong, winners or losers.

Coming to a practice group is a wonderful opportunity to “breathe in” an atmosphere of empathy and compassion. To be reminded there’s another way to be with things - including things we don’t like: a needs-focused way that seeks solutions that work for all.

People tell us they feel refreshed & renewed after each session.


We can’t practice what we don’t yet know.

Therefore, to ensure a meaningful and satisfying experience for everyone, I request some kind of background with NVC.

You will probably get the most out of the practice group if you have taken the three Master Level courses I teach (see “Upcoming Workshops”).

And, if you are keen to start participating in the practice groups now, I request that you complete at least one of the following before attending your first practice group session:

  1. Have attended any NVC training session that covered the 4 basic elements of NVC (observation, feelings, needs and requests) and both honest expression and empathic reflection.

  2. Or Have read at least the first 8 chapters of Marshall Rosenberg’s book “Nonviolent Communication”.

If it’s been a while since you’ve studied or practiced NVC:

If it’s been more than 6 months since you’ve engaged with NVC in some way, I would appreciate it if you would consider spend 1/2 hour or so refreshing your connection with it.

This might include skimming over the first 8 chapters of Marshall’s book, or looking over any of the training materials from NVC courses you’ve taken.

And I trust that you will know if a refresher like this will be necessary or helpful - or not.

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