Connecting Honesty


In just 3 courses you can get the distilled essence of what we’ve learned the hard way over the past
10 years, standing on the shoulders of giants:

1) The Key to Connection

Only 20% of what we communicate comes through our words. Learn
how to make the key 80% of your communication (the non-verbal part) authentically connecting. And how to make fully satisfying decisions.  [more]

2) How to Prepare for Effective Dialogue

Learn the 5 key things that can be really helpful to prepare (or “pack”) before going into a potentially challenging conversation. And develop your own, including two you can reuse in any situation.
[more - one-on-one format] 
[more - group format]

3) Effective Dialogue: Roadmap to Satisfying Agreements

Learn the 5 key “signs” to watch for in any conversation, and what to do when you encounter each one - in order to keep things moving toward a mutually satisfying solution. Which will help your needs get met & stay met.
[more - one-on-one format] 
[more - group format]