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Choose the type of session you would like:

1 – Level 1 training session:
The Key 80% of Communication

To learn how to ensure the key 80% of your communication (the non-verbal part) supports you in getting your needs met. And to “test drive” the principles with a real situation in your life.



2 – Level 2 training session:
Preparing for Effective Dialogue

Learn the 5 key things that can be helpful to prepare before any potentially challenging conversation – to help ensure your needs will get met and stay met. Develop your versions of these 5 things for a real-life conversation you would like to have – including 2 things you can re-use in any conversation you have!


3 – Level 3 training session:
Effective Dialogue “Roadmap”

Learn the 5 key “signs” to watch out for in any conversation – and what to do when they occur to keep things moving efficiently and with connection toward a mutually satisfying solution. One that works for you and will work for the other person, to help avoid unpleasant surprises in future. Use the signs to co-create a sample conversation that uses these principles in a way that feels natural for you.


4 – Coaching Session with Glenda

Right now you don’t want to learn anything new – you just want to be heard compassionately in a way that will help you figure out what to do about a challenging situation in your life.

This session was designed to support you exactly where you are.



5 – For Two – Training, Dialogue Support, and/or Mediation

You’re in a relationship that’s not going as well as you’d like. The two of you sense that doing something about your communication might help. Maybe just having someone help you hear each other…

Or maybe there’s an issue or dispute you’d like this kind of support to resolve – to both resolve the issue and strengthen your relationship.


6 – Free Info Call with Glenda

You think maybe you’d like to do something with us – maybe take a course, or receive coaching – but you’re not quite sure. You’d like to talk with me and see if there’s a “click” between us that will help you know what to do next.

Or you are involved with a group and you’d like to investigate the possibility of my doing a presentation or training session with them.